Equifax was just reprimanded by Congress in the recently published congressional report that detailed the Equifax breach that disclosed PII of nearly 150 million people. The report is lengthy, but contains some valuable lessons. Every Cxx should read it.

Maybe the biggest takeaway is the clandestine mode in which the cybersecurity industry seems to be operating. Brian Krebs did a review of some 100 top company’s web sites. Very close to none those companies listed a CISO or CIO on their web sites… ie, clandestine.

What do you think; do you perceive cybersecurity as clandestine? Is this by cybersecurity’s choice? Is that the way it should be? Is it really corporate neglect? Or just simply corporate unwillingness to invest in their customer’s privacy? Please comment below.

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Troy Frericks.
blog 15-Mar-2019
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